Container Number Recognition System for Efficient Loading and Unloading Management

VECON-QUAY CRANE is an automated container number recognition system that is designed for efficient container loading and unloading management at quay. It automatically recognizes, records, and verifies the container ID numbers of the containers during the container loading or unloading operations, ensuring accurate on-site containers movement and streamlining the operation at quay. VECON-QUAY CRANE is a cost-effective system that is scalable to cater for quay’s operation of latest use of Tandam Quay Crane.

Key Features & Benefits

– Real-time automated recognition and verification of container numbers while loading/unloading
– High accuracy rate of 95% with processing time within 4 seconds
– Support various container sizes’ recognitions: single 20, 40, 45, 48 feet long, and double 20-foot long
– Help automate quay and terminal operations and enhance container movement’s efficiency at the berth.


– Container loading/unloading management
– Container logistics
– Container movement at berth and logistics at quays

Technical Requirements

– Personal Computer/Workstation
– Image Capturing System
– Triggering System

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