HIT celebrates the launch of Remote Container Inspection at its Entry Gate

Event Date:18 December 2020

​On 18 December, HIT launched Remote Container Inspection at its entry gate with a simple ceremony under the COVID-19 situation.  Both entry and exit gates are now fully equipped with​ Asia Vision‘s visual imaging technology, allowing inspectors to work at an indoor office while the trucks can pass through the portal without needing to stop.  The system has enhanced operational efficiency by reducing the container inspection time by more than 50%.​

Mr. Leonard Fung (4th from right), Managing Director of Hutchison Ports HIT, Mr. Raymond Lam (3rd from right), Chief Operating Officer – HK Seaport Alliance, Mr. Franco Ning (2nd​ from right), General Manager – Operations, celebrate the launch of Remote Container Inspection at the entry gate with a ceremony.

Asia Vision will be exhibiting at stand H08 at TOC Asia on 24 – 25 April

Asia Vision Technology

TOC Asia is part of a global portfolio of events that bring together stakeholders of the container supply chain to learn, debate and network

As you may know,  TOC (The Terminal Operations Conference) has long been considered best in class by container terminal operators and their suppliers. Over time, TOC has evolved and whilst they continue to deliver the highest quality technical content in line with their heritage.

Dr. John Lee (CEO) and Ken Wong (CTO) together with their senior executives will  participate the  subject event. Asia Vision will also set up a booth to display our products and solutions for ports and container terminals.

Time: April 24-25, 2018

Location: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Our booth: H08





2017-10-27 大铲湾智能理货项目顺利验收






结合公司多年来的丰富的港口码头号码识别及自动化方案技术经验,亚洲视觉致力于提高码头岸边理货人员操作安全性,改善工作环境,节约用工成本。亚洲视觉基于OCR(字符光学自动识别,人工智能的一个分支)的智能理货系统乃是一套包括含了箱号识别、ISO号识别,车号识别、箱体验残功能与一体的整体解决方案。不仅应用了最新的集装箱号码识别技术(识别率可达98%),使得理货人员可在办公室进行诸如箱号、残损异常情况远程处理工作(人工干预率约5%),达到 “理货后撤”目的,还通过无线传输将桥吊数据传输到数据中心与码头管理系统(TOS)和理货系统管理平台对接,进行数据对比,确保集装箱正确装卸,大大提高了工作效率。同时,也为物流管理和海关查验等提供记录和凭据,准确迅速地对集装箱进行全程跟踪和管理。



Dachan Bay Intelligent project has completed UAT on October 27

WeChat Image_20171212172520.jpg

Dachan Bay Intelligent project has completed UAT on October 27, it was highly appreciated by partners and end user.

Dachan Bay Intelligent Tally Operation System (Phase I)

Based on previous experiences and lessons learnt from Hairun Port, we provide the total solution which includes container number recognition, license plate number recognition, truck head number recognition, ISO number recognition and images capturing for container damage inspection. It also provides bay position verification for loading and unloading confirmation. This total solution reduces the manpower of tally operation by 75%.

12 quay cranes applying with this solution has been successfully integrated with Navis N4 and CTS which is the mainstream Tally Operation System in China. The accuracy rate of container number is above 98%, and license plate number is above 97%.


VECON-QUAY CRANE (Intelligent Tally)

This system automatically recognizes, records, and verifies the container ID number, ISO code, DG label and bay position of the container during its loading or unloading operations. It also ensures accurate on-site container movement and streamlines operation at quay.

The system powered by our latest VECON container number recognition, container damage inspection and bay position verification technology is more cost-efficient, fast, accurate and reliable than other models. Another key advantage is its comparability with mainstream Host/Terminal Operating System (TOS).


Key Features:

  • Support all standard ISO containers
  • High accuracy rate (up to 99%)
  • Real-time automated recognition, verification without sacrificing normal operations
  • Capture images of five panels for container damage inspection
  • Real-time bay position verification
  • DG label recognition on containers
  • Container real-time tracking
  • Integration with the PLC and mainstream TOS
  • Install cameras on the sill beams and portal beams
  • Reduce misplacement
  • Minimize outdoor manual labor
  • Reduce errors and safety issues


Asia Vision to Announce Replacement for the VECON-VISPARK Camera

VISPARK-IP-CAM has been EOL since October 2017.

Asia Vision Technology (AVT) is honored to announce VISPARK-CAM N2 as the replacement model of VISPARK-IP-CAM, and it would be available for per-ordering by November 2017.

VISPARK-CAM N2, standing for “VISPARK Camera Next-Generation”, is a new enhanced addition to AVT series of cameras.

Key features include:

 Equipped with IR Lens with adjustable focus, covering up to 3 parking lots
 Support up to 3 LED indicators (7 colors), independently controlled
 Come with 2 versions N2H (Hub-to-hub) & N2P (POE) to allow maximum site-installation flexibility
 Neat outlook with IP66 rating
 Faster Processing speed
 High resolution output
 Support video stream
 Support motion detection alarm function (can set multiple areas and sensitivity) and sensor alarm function
 Capture and record images while monitoring
 Automatic recovery with network reconnects function when the network disconnects
 Power efficient LED, high brightness low power

AVT to announce replacement for the VISPARK Camera



 Asia Vision participated in TOC Europe

2017 TOC Europe was held in Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Center 27-29 June 2017. Ms. Kira Miao, General Manager of Asian Vision, together with her sales team, were invited to participate this event. Focusing on the container terminal automation industry, Asia Vision’s delegates had extensive and fruitful discussions with the leaders and experts of the terminal industry from around the world.


As one of the world’s leading OCR product providers, Asia Vision displayed the ‘multi-countries’ license plate recognition product which is already well-known in the European market and container number recognition products for terminals and ports operation, such as e-Gate Solution, Quay Crane Management (QCM) for Quayside Intelligent Tally operation and the latest ‘state of the art’ — Bay Position Identification for container ships. Asia Vision’s advanced products attracted many audiences and received numerous inquiries.
AVT’s OCR systems of Quayside Intelligent Tally Solution consist of hardware and software components that are easy to install. Features include:

Container Number Recognition

Empty Container Detection

Container Damage Detection

Container Door Direction Detection

Hazardous Label Detection

Terminal Tractor Numbers Detection

Container Seal Intact Detection


Asia Vision applies leading OCR technology to the yard, quayside, and gate of the container terminals. The high-speed cameras are installed on the yard cranes, quay cranes or at container gates to capture container images and/or vehicle license plates, enable users to monitor the crane or gate activities from the office remotely. It reduces worker manpower at gates and under the quay cranes where is known as one of the most unsafe working areas in the terminal. As Ms. Miao said, with Asia Vision’s technology (especially the newly developed ‘Ship bay position identification technology’), human intervention would be kept at the minimum, hence the performance and efficiency at the gate, yard and quayside could be increased significantly.


Ms. Miao also said that automation trend is seen in all industries, and the real value of automation related need to firstly be a problem-solver, which is to help achieve industrial upgrading. Asia Vision is a technology company of computer vision, bringing automation upgrades to all areas.
Asia Vision developed the world’s first container number recognition technology 20 years ago and has been constantly developing and expanding its solutions that are applied to many terminals to upgrade industrial operations.
After this exhibition, the Asia Vision’s delegates also visited the customers in Europe. The leaders and experts from different companies had in-depth exchanges and discussions with Asia Vision.
TOC Europe is the global meeting place for ports, terminals, shipping lines, 3PLs & shippers. TOC (The Terminal Operations Conference) has long been considered best in class by container terminal operators and their suppliers.


2017年6月27至29日,欧洲TOC(码头营运商会议,Terminal Operation Conference)行业展会于荷兰阿姆斯特丹RAI会展中心举行。亚洲视觉总经理苗蕾女士亲自带领公司销售团队应邀参展,与来自世界各地码头产业链的专家、客户进行深入交流,聚焦集装箱码头自动化产业发展趋势。











4月25至26日,一年一度的亚洲TOC(码头运营峰会,Terminal Operation Conference)行业展会在新加坡金沙酒店展览厅举行。亚洲视觉的展位吸引了数百名 参观者,并收到了许多有关产品和解决方案的咨询。亚洲视觉主席及行政总裁李博士和公司其他同事参与了此次活动。
应用OCR技术的优势在于:在码头、堆场,特别是起重机工作区域(港口最不安全的工作区之一),节省人力资源。通过OCR系统,可以实现工作人员室内办公,远程监控闸口或码头工作。 我们的系统可以应用于集装箱和车辆的出入闸口的自动检验,也可以应用于集装箱堆场,协助集装箱排放和加速码头準确装载,并且不会干扰运行。因此,闸口,堆场和码头的性能和效率可以大大提高。

Exhibition of Asia Vision’s OCR products for ports at TOC Asia 2017

On April 25 to 26, Asia Vision had set up an exhibition booth for the two day event-TOC (The Terminal Operations Conference) Asia, which took place at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. We attracted hundreds of visitors and received numerous inquiries about our products and solutions. The CEO of Asia Vision Technology – Dr. John Lee participated in this event alongside his senior executives.

Asia Vision’s sophisticated OCR technology uses high speed cameras installed on yard cranes, quay cranes or at container gates to capture images of containers or vehicles on-spot and automatically identify container numbers, ISO numbers and vehicle numbers. It then sends the recognized results to the operating system (Terminal Operating System, Gate Operating System or Car Park Management System) for confirmation or verification. With the captured images of the five sided panels of the container, users can also perform damage inspection (CDI) and identify the presence of the Hazardous Label as well as the container seal.

The benefits of applying OCR technology include the reduction of worker manpower at gates and under the quay cranes, which is known to be one of the most unsafe working areas in a terminal. With the OCR system, car park staff and container terminal tallymen at gate or at quayside can now be working in an air-conditioned indoor office environment, monitoring the gate or quayside operation remotely. OCR automatically performs checking on containers and vehicles going in and out at the gate, container movements in the yard stacks, container discharging or loading at quayside with high rate accuracy without interfering with the operation. Necessary components needed to be handled by human intervention are kept at minimum, hence the performance and efficiency at gate, yard and quayside can be increased significantly.

AVT’ s OCR systems include all hardware and software components for direct installation. Optional features include: container number recognition, empty container detection, container damage detection, container door direction detection, hazardous label detection, terminal tractor numbers detection and seal intact detection.