Established in 1997, Asia Vision Technology Limited (AVT) is the world’s leading technology and solution provider of license plate number and container number recognition. Granted with a U.S. Patent (No.: 6,026,177) for its innovative VECON technology in the year 2000, AVT has been a pioneer in the development and provision of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology for ITS, car park, security, and port and terminal industries as well as the government and public sectors including Police, Customs & Excise, Civil Engineering & Development in the world.

AVT’ s world-class VECON products provide total solutions for intelligent traffic system (ITS), port and container terminal management, car park management, fleet management and security management including traffic and road patrol, toll collection and checkpoint and speeding vehicle surveillance and many more. Headquartered in Hong Kong, AVT also has a branch office operating in Shenzhen, China.

Our mission

Provide the best OCR solutions to improve business efficiency and quality of life.



1992  Dr. Lee Chung Mong invented “VECON Technology”. It became a technological core, leading to the development and installation of the world’s first container number identification system

1997  Asia Vision Technology Co., Ltd. became the first company in Hong Kong to develop optical character recognition technology.

2000  Received a US patent (patent number: 6,026,177) for “VECON Technology” Alphanumeric sequence recognition

2002-2003 Asia Vision ranked 15th and 48th in Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Technology Fast 500 Awards, ranking first and second in Hong Kong

2005  “VECON” is successfully identified in more than 20 countries and regions

2012  Obtained US patent (patent number: 8,189,919 B2) for “VECON Technology” method and system for container identification

2013-2014 Achieved top ten in excellent companies in the electronic police industry for two consecutive years in the China Urban Intelligent Transportation Appraisal

2014  The first state of the country to successfully hang the smart tally operating system in Xiamen Hailong terminal

2015  “VECON Technology” has successfully identified the license plate combinations of more than 70 countries and regions

2016  Shenzhen Da Chan Bay Quay Crane Intelligent Tally Operating System successfully communicated with Navis N4