Asia Vision to Announce Replacement for the VECON-VISPARK Camera

VISPARK-IP-CAM has been EOL since October 2017.

Asia Vision Technology (AVT) is honored to announce VISPARK-CAM N2 as the replacement model of VISPARK-IP-CAM, and it would be available for per-ordering by November 2017.

VISPARK-CAM N2, standing for “VISPARK Camera Next-Generation”, is a new enhanced addition to AVT series of cameras.

Key features include:

 Equipped with IR Lens with adjustable focus, covering up to 3 parking lots
 Support up to 3 LED indicators (7 colors), independently controlled
 Come with 2 versions N2H (Hub-to-hub) & N2P (POE) to allow maximum site-installation flexibility
 Neat outlook with IP66 rating
 Faster Processing speed
 High resolution output
 Support video stream
 Support motion detection alarm function (can set multiple areas and sensitivity) and sensor alarm function
 Capture and record images while monitoring
 Automatic recovery with network reconnects function when the network disconnects
 Power efficient LED, high brightness low power

AVT to announce replacement for the VISPARK Camera



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