Container ID for Terminals

Region: Hong Kong, HKSAR
Product: VECON-CON



At any container port or terminal, the number of lorries and containers entering and leaving is phenomenal during peak hours. Containers are loaded on to lorries and manually checked and verified to confirm that the correct container is loaded onto the correct lorry. Although every detail is carefully checked before the lorry leaves the terminal, it is not always possible to ensure that the containers have left on the assigned lorries.

In order to better control and improve efficiency, various ports and custom borders deployed VECON-CON to ensure that highly accurate records are made of the pairs of containers and lorries that entered the terminal together. The system is also used to verify that the correct pairs of containers and lorries leave the terminal together.

At CSX World Terminals in Hong Kong, and at another terminal in China, VECON-CON is used in many applications from providing real-time global tracking and tracing of containers to automating terminal operations, to monitoring the loading and unloading operations at the berths.

The terminals gained many advantages and enhancements as a result of their use of VECON-CON including:

  • Enhanced terminal entrance/exit security.
  • Increased efficiency and TEU throughput.
  • Cost saving on human resources required for repetitive tasks.
  • Easy integration with existing infrastructure and systems.



CSX World Terminals in Hong Kong

Application: Mobile ALPR for Law EnforcementALPR_law01

Region: People’s Republic of China

Identifying vehicles that are stolen, unregistered, unpaid, illegally parked and traffic offenders.

Brief Description of Use:
The Provincial Police Bureaus of Nanjing, Dalian, Jilin, Xinjiang and Hebei operate the SRE from inside a moving or stationary police vehicle. A blacklist of stolen, unregistered, unpaid, illegally parked and traffic offenders are loaded before the patrol commences their shift. When the LPN of the car matches with the blacklist in database, there is alarm raised and the vehicle is immediately stopped.

Success rate: 
The police apprehend on average 100 cars per day, from a blacklist of 30,000 vehicles loaded into the SRE.

Nanjing, Dalian, Jilin, Xinjiang and Hebei Provincial Police Bureau